What I read in September

This is going to hurt: Secret diaries of a Junior Doctor

This book drew me right in from the start and I read it over the course of 3 evenings whilst on holiday last month. This is Going to Hurt is a look back at the authors years as a Junior Doctor. He details his experiences working in the role, talks about the challenges in the system and how his job as a Doctor impacted on his personal life. It was a very interesting and though provoking read. I already have a huge amount of respect for the NHS and everyone who works in it, and this book made me even more respectful of the incredible job NHS workers do. It is very sad indeed to see the recent state of affairs with the NHS and lack of funding / crappy management. This book covers the frustrations from the other side that we all won’t be thinking about when we have been sat in a waiting room for hours waiting to be seen by a professional. I have been guilty in the past of getting frustrated at the system, but the last few years I have been in and out of hospital for various issues relating to my eye health, and I cannot speak highly enough of the care I have received. This is Going to Hurt made me laugh (a lot) get sad, be grateful and kinda put me off having kids (the graphic tales from the birth ward made me squirm often)

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Lonely Planet Pocket Ibiza

We went to Ibiza for a week last month, and I left planning right until the last-minute, so scanned through this little pocket-book a few days before flying out. We didn’t actually end up doing that much whilst we were out there (we needed and craved chill time) but my second visit to the white isle has given me wanderlust for another future trip, so I will keep this book on my shelf for when I go again next time. This a perfect travel companion for visiting Ibiza. It contains lots of info on where to go and what to do, and comes complete with a map if you still do things that way (I am useless with paper maps, Google maps all the way!) Content is split by region and each section is packed full of interesting things to do. There is so much to see and do in Ibiza considering it is quite a small island, and this little book contains a wealth of inspiration for your travels. It has a day planner inspiration guide which I love and is perfect for people who need ideas and are short on visiting time.

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