Things I’ve recently bought from ASOS

I have been needing some new bits for my upcoming holiday to Ibiza, and given that the shops have now got rid of summer clothes from their shelves and replaced them with jumpers, coasts and boots, the internet is the best place for me to pick up a couple of dresses and accessories.

Buying online is a bit scary for me, I often end up having to buy one or two sizes and then send things back; my size fluctuates from brand to brand, as I am sure it does for all of us, so I never know if something is going to fit properly or not.

Being plus size, I just find the whole clothes buying experience exhausting, both in the shops and online. I don’t have lots of money to spend, so in the past I have refrained from buying clothes online, due to the whole process of having to send something back and then wait days or up to a week for my refund. But, if I go out to the high street to try to find clothes, my options are quite limited and I just end up getting upset when I can’t find anything or I find lovely things but they don’t fit.

Recently I have been buying more things online from ASOS, and based on the things I have bought and kept, ASOS is now able to recommend what size I should buy when I am looking at something online. This is VERY helpful for me, and I am now returning less things which is excellent. I also love that their Curve range is extensive and new things are added pretty much every day. I have found their returns process very quick and efficient and super easy, so I have been turning to ASOS a lot over the past few months.

Here is what I have bought recently…


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I love espadrilles and when I saw these in the sale I had to buy them. I am a big fan of pink, I wear pink, purple and black colours a lot so these will go well with a lot of things I have already. The cute ribbon tie means you can make them fit to your ankles comfortably, which I love.


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I first saw this dress on Stephanie Yeboah of Nerd About Town, and she looked awesome in it, I hunted it down on ASOS and when I tried it on I fell in love with it. It is a tad too big for me, but the ties on it mean I can pull it on from the side or tie at the front. The pale pink colour is lovely, and on the few times I have worn this recently I have received lovely comments on how it looks. I like to wear this with a red bead necklace and dark pink accessories.


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I have not worn skirts since school, but after a saw a photo of Diana on her Twitter page wearing an amazing green skirt, I was inspired to go out of my comfort zone and buy a skirt, and I picked this one. It is a jersey type material, has an elasticated waist AND has pockets! What a dream. I have been wearing this at the weekends with a simple burgundy t-shirt and some espadrilles, and I love how comfy but put together I look it in.


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I was a bit worried about the length of this dress before I ordered it, but I fell in love with the pattern so I took a chance. As soon as I put it on I felt so good. It fits really well and I love the elasticated waist that pulls in at the right place for me. It is a lovely silky type material and the v shape neck and sleeves are exactly what I like it a dress. I was supposed to keep this for my holiday but I have already worn it for work. Whoops!


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Just a very basic t-shirt here, which I have been wearing tucked into my new skirt. I sized up on this as I like my t-shirts to be slightly oversized, but tucked into a skirt it pulls it in a bit to give me shape.

I would love to hear your fav ASOS Curve pieces. Let me know in the comments!

  • ASOS curve is my fav brand, but I haven’t found anything exciting lately wah! That light pink dress is lovely – have a great time in Ibiza! Not jealous AT ALL ;)

    • I looked again today at the ap (I look every day) and found loads of new things I like but I need to stop spending for a while now! Thank you, I am in much need of some sunshine so really looking forward to getting away x