Getting Up Earlier – Tips To Try

I struggle so much to get up early. With good intentions, I regularly set my alarm for 6.30am, but without fail, I always snooze it at least 3 times. I really want to get out of this habit, so I having been researching some tips on how to get into a new routine for rising early. Read on for those I have discovered that I am planning to implement into my routine.

tips for rising early

Sleep in 90 min based cycles

Apparently we should be sleeping in 90 minute cycles, so 7.5 hours or 9 hours is better than 8. With this in mind, I am going to try a sleep period of 7.5 hours. I usually aim for 8, so it seems unusual to be cutting my sleep hours down to try to get up earlier, but I am willing to try it! So I will be going to bed at 10pm with the intention of sleeping by 11pm and rising at 6.30am.

Put my alarm at the other side of the room

I sleep with my phone next to me as an alarm. Putting it across the other side of the room so I have to get up to turn it off seems like a logical thing to do. For me, the hardest part of getting up early is actually getting out of bed, so I think this will really help me. I am going to give it a shot!

Drink water straight away

Apparently we lose a lot of water from the body through breathing overnight, so drinking a glass of water immediately after waking is a great way of re-hydrating the body. I will be ensuring that I go to bed each night with a glass of water that I can pick up when I wake, something that I am sure will aid me in being more alert in the early hours.

A reason to get excited in the morning

Having something exciting to wake up to should be a motivator for me to get out of bed. I am going to have a think about what I can do the night before to get me excited about waking up the next day. Recently I treated myself to a chocolate and coconut face scrub that I was looking forward to trying, and put it on my bedside table before bed with the intention of trying it out in the morning. Suprisingly, when I woke and saw the little pot I grabbed it and got up, headed to the bathroom and tried it out. I smothered it on my face for 10 mins whilst I was doing other bits and bobs, and it made for a really great start to my day.

Do you have any top tips for rising early that work for you? Do share them with me!