De-clutter Your Digital Life

When I was growing up, I took a lot of care when taking photos because camera rolls limited me to 20-30 photographs on my wind up disposable cameras. Nowadays, I snap away without a care, knowing I can take unlimited photos and edit them with filters afterwards. This is of course a wonderful thing, but it means I take pictures of anything and everything, and end up with hundreds of photos on my phone.


Technology has empowered us to do things quicker and easier, but if you are anything like me, you can find yourself overwhelmed by how many digital files you have on your laptop, in your Dropbox, on your phone. It can all be a bit too much and daunting to organise, so we put it off and let it build up. I like to have a “digital de-clutter” every once in a while to tidy everything up.

Organise your phone photos

My smart phone photos are automatically saved to my Google photos account, so every now and again I will go to my photos account on my laptop and have a clear out. Keeping on top of this on a regular basis ensures that my photos don’t get out of control and that I only keep the ones that mean something to me.

Sort out your laptop/PC files

I hate having a laptop full of documents, so I regularly take the time to tidy my desktop and delete any files I don’t need. Anything of importance is stored in my Dropbox account, on my external hard drive or in Google Drive.

Hit that unsubscribe button

I often unsubscribe from emails I no longer want to receive, making sure I am only signed up to things I want to hear about, and that I get excited about opening. Why spend your valuable time scrolling through emails you are not interested in? Take some time to remove yourself from mailing lists that you no longer care about – your inbox will be much easier to manage going forward.

Organise your inbox

A few months ago I spent a few hours really cleaning up my inbox; I had messages going back 5 years that I no longer had a need for. I created folders, filed things of importance away, and set up some rules for incoming mail. My inbox is now a clutter free space that I can keep on top of.

Unlike and unfollow

Social media “noise” is something that has previously taken up a lot of my time. Scrolling through endless statues and updates that I really had little interest in was taking up my valuable time. Before Christmas I dedicated time to unliking pages on Facebook and unfollowing accounts on Twitter and Instagram that I had lost interest in. The result? I much more value filled stream for me, focused on things I actually care about, and less time scrolling through stuff of zero interest. This has also significantly improvement my state of mind and mental wellbeing – my feeds are full of things that inspire, empower and interest me.