Keeping organised as a blogger

Running a blog can be hard work. Keeping yourself organised is key to keeping on track and getting things done. Here are my tips for keeping organised as a blogger.

keeping organised as a blogger

Make lists

Wunderlist is a fantastic task management app that I use in my browser and on my smartphone to make lists. Here I list everything I need to do, such as ‘finish this post’ or ‘take photos for that post’. This way I can immediately see at a glance everything I need to do.

I always have my phone on me, so when something pops into my head that I need to do, or an idea for a post comes to me, I go into Wunderlist and enter it in. I set due dates to each task so that I will get reminders in my browser and via my smartphone. These reminders keep me on track and give my week focus.

For me, the key to actually getting things done is to break each task down into smaller sub-tasks. Wunderlist lets me add tasks within tasks, so I can detail everything I need to do into a list and tick off my progress.

Plan and schedule your content

I use Google Calendar as an editorial calendar, scheduling out my posts throughout the month. Whilst I strive to stick to my calendar as much as possible, it is not always easy to do when I am also working full time, and Google Calendar makes it extremely easy to move things around if I need to. I set some time aside on the last Sunday of each month and list the posts I want to get up during the next month. I map them out in the calendar and then move them around if I need to.

Store in the cloud

Photographs really make a blog post, so I spend a lot of time taking photos and sourcing stock images. I use Google Drive to keep everything in one place, so I can access assets any at time via my browser. The storage limit on the free version is large enough that I have never hit it yet. I highly recommend storing your stuff in the cloud so you can access it quickly and easily.