Top Tips for Getting to Sleep

Are you suddenly struggling with a lack of sleep, or having difficulty nodding off? I have a few tried and tested tips which may just help you.


Go through your skincare routine

Going through my cleanse, tone and moisturise routine right before bed really helps me wind down. It is a kind of ritual that helps me get focused. I use Liz Earle products, full or organic and natural ingredients that smell incredible. I also love applying an overnight mask or oil to my face that uses organic ingredients with a fresh, natural scent. It is really relaxing and the natural fragrance helps me wind down and bring calm.

Declutter your room

A tidy room will aid your efforts to sleep well. If your room is cluttered and you have to move things to get into your bed, you will just create stress for yourself. I have had previous experiences where I have been very tired and tried to go to bed but found I have left all my things on there from when I was tidying earlier in the day. I then get annoyed with myself because I just want to get into bed straight away and fall asleep! Tidy your room as you go so it is clutter free at all times. A clear, peaceful room will make such a difference.

Shut down technology

I try to put my phone down before bed as to not have bright light before bed time. I find that reading a book rather than staring at my phone screen helps me relax so much better before sleep. If you can, put your phone in another room so you are not tempted to reach for it whilst in bed.

Cover your peepers

I notice such a difference in how quickly I get to sleep if I use a sleep mask. I think the fact that is forces you to close your eyes and keep them closed is the reason why. If I put on a sleep mask I will get to sleep a lot quicker. Give it a try!

Light a candle

Don’t light a candle and then fall asleep! No no! Light a fragranced candle in your bedroom about half an hour before bed time to fill your room with a relaxing and calming fragrance. This will really help you wind down when you climb under the sheets. Don’t forget to blow it out before you settle down for the night.

Do you have any night time sleep tips you would like to share?