April 15 in Photos

  1. This is the Fizzbanger Lush bath bomb and it is amazing! It has become my new favourite bath bomb from Lush. It smells amazing and is so calming. As you sink into the bath you are surrounded by the crackling sounds as it dissolves around you, filling the bathroom with apple and ylang ylang scent. Bliss!
  2. The other bath bomb I used last month was Dragon’s Egg – it turns your bath into a gorgeous swirl of orange and white, so gorgeous and smells of orange and jasmine – divine! This is another bath bomb that fizzles and crackles
  3. I came into work one day and found this box full of varnishes with a note from a colleague to help myself, so sweet!
  4. My boyfriend is always leaving me little notes around my flat, and this is one of the recent ones he left me. Soppy so and so!
  5. This is a lip combo I have been loving recently, Mac Brave Lipstick and Eastend Snob Lipliner from Rimmel.
  6. I have totally fallen in love with San Marcos Timaná Milk chocolate-coated cherry coffee from Pact. It has run out now and I am gutted! I have never tasted coffee sooooo good!
  7. Some of my recent Kiko Cosmetics buys, my first time trying the brand. I am super impressed with the quality of the items. I picked up the nail lacquer in 365, precision lip pencil in 310 and pencil gloss in 12. I have been wearing the Kiko 12 Pencil Gloss a lot recently, it is gorgeous!
  8. Pop Pins is a cute diner in Frinton which we visit every now and again for milkshakes and waffles
  9. A lovely photos of the Pop Pins interior, it is so cute!
  10. Red velvet cake made by my sister, it was so gorgeous! Red Velvet Cake is one of my favourites and this did not disappoint!
  11. I visited my parents last month and this is a photo of their cat, Hadleigh. He is so sweet and cute.
  12. A mix bag from my mam when I went to visit, took me back to my childhood! We always used to get mix bags from the local sweet shop.
  13. I discovered Matcha Latte a few months ago, and whenever I am near an Eat cafe I have to have one. It is heaven in a cup, absolutely gorgeous.
  14. I am going through a period of reading again. I can go for months not reading, then get an urge to start reading again. Here is a new stack of books that I picked up in Sainsburys  for less than £12, what a bargain!
  15. Me & Andew challenged ourselves to get each other a gift with just £1 from the £shop. This is what I got from him!
  16. That feeling when you sink into a red hot bath is just divine, these were a few items I used on one of my pamper evenings/
  17. I have been loving Red Thai Curry recently, and made enough for 4 meals, so I have been eating it a lot recently!
  18. I took Andrew to East Coast Diner in Colchester and we had some great food. I have a hot dog with sweet potato fries, delicious! If you are local to Colchester, then I highly recommend you go visit this place which can be found in Red Lion Walk. The food is great and the staff are really friendly.