I love a good declutter now and again. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to find plenty to get rid of, even though I like to do a good declutter a few times a year. I just seem to accumulate stuff! Having a good clear out of physical stuff definitely contributes positively to my state of mind.

With the new year fast approaching, I decided to use the downtime as an opportunity to perform a digital declutter. I find myself spending far too much time on my laptop or phone just scrolling…and scrolling and scrolling. Usually, through loads of stuff, I have zero interest in, but I still scroll hoping to find something of interest, and before I know it I have wasted hours doing nothing. Then I end up annoyed with myself for having done nothing, but the pattern repeats itself another day. So with this in mind, I decided to have a good sort out of everything on my phone and laptop.

Unsubscribe from emails I no longer care about

My inbox is constantly full of emails and after a weekend of staying away from my inbox, I come back to tons more emails which can be quite overwhelming to deal with, so I just delete and move on. But I decided to open up emails I no longer care about (the ones I never open anymore) and hit the unsubscribe button. I will never get an email again – yes! Do this 20 times and I am protecting my inbox for the future from stuff I no longer want. My inbox is now a place where I generally only get emails from those I actually want to hear from.

Delete old contacts from my phone

I opened up my contacts to find people in there I have not talked to for years and am very unlikely to do so again. Delete, delete, delete! Now my phone contacts only contain my nerarest and dearest and people I am likely to converse with in the near future.

Unlike and unfollow

Endlessly scrolling through crap on a timeline is such a time waster. I have gone through all my social media accounts and unliked or unfollowed things that are no longer of interest to me. My aim here is to only follow pages and people whom inspire me, and that genuinely interest me, so that when I open instagram, twitter or Facebook, I am greeted with content that is relevant, enagaging, and inspiring.

Tidy my Google Drive and Dropbox

OK…I will admit I have not yet finished this one. Tidying up my cloud files is a mammoth task and I am doing it bit by bit. I have created folders and started moving things into them whilst also deleting things I no longer need. But I am struggling a bit with this one – what if I delete that powerpoint from 2005 then uddenly find I need it??

Delete old apps

My phone doesn’t have a huge amount of space to store stuff on (I went for the cheapest model iPhone at the time) so my phone has prompted me to delete apps. I found I have apps on there I haven’t opened for ages…so off to the bin they went.

Declutter my laptop files

I don’t generally save much to my laptop as I either move things to cloud storage or place them on the server at work. But my homescreen was full of memes, photos, and other random downloads. I moved the important stuff to the cloud and got rid of everything else. I changed my background to a lovely beach wallpaper and now it is free from clutter and very nice looking.

Do it yourself – have a good ol digital declutter and I promise you will feel better for it!

Happy New Year!